Inn at Laurel Point - Victoria, BC, V8V 1Z8, Canada

Colleague of the month

  • Terrance

Terrence Slattery, Bellperson
Originating from Hawaii, Terrence has been making quite the splash since joining the Inn in January of this year.

Comments regarding his exceptional service just keep coming in; our guests and colleagues can’t get enough of Terrence!

We are not surprised that our guests describe him as “friendly”, “professional”, “efficient”, “fabulous” and “very pleasant” .
One guest wrote, “I loved Terrence! Whenever I saw him in the halls or outside, he always remembered my name and made my day with his delightful smile and sparkling blue eyes”.

We congratulate Terry for winning June’s Colleague of the Month Front of the House Award and thank him for going above and beyond for our guests!

  • Patricia

Patricia Chalmers, Assistant Housekeeper
Celebrating over 11 years in our Housekeeping department, Patricia has been a tremendous asset to the Inn.

While recently training a new hire in one of our guestrooms whereby the guest had just checked out of the hotel, Patricia decided to look through a large paper shopping bag that was destined for the recycling bin just in case there was something that had been left behind that should not have been. In the bag, there happened to be an old class photograph of elementary school-aged children. On the photograph, there was a circle around a young girl’s face with hand writing that said “aren’t you cute”. Patricia thought that the photo may have been inadvertently placed in the recycling bag, and so took the photo to the housekeeping office to be recorded for lost & found.

Later that day, the guest called the hotel asking if anyone had found an old class photograph, as she thought she may have thrown it out by mistake and it was of personal value to her. Turns out that Patricia was the one to take this phone call. She quickly told the guest that she actually did in fact have the photo.

The guest was beyond thrilled and later took the time to send a thank you card to Patricia. The thank you card read:
“Dear Patricia, You saved the day! Thanks so much having the foresight to put this precious photo aside. I am sure most housekeeping staff would just toss it. I hope your trainee took note. All the best”.

We congratulate Patricia for winning June’s Colleague of the Month Heart of the House Award and thank her for taking the time to go above and beyond for this guest!

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