Inn at Laurel Point - Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 1Z8, Canada
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Canada's National Gingerbread Showcase 2016

Victoria’s Inn at Laurel Point is once again hosting Canada’s National Gingerbread Showcase, benefiting Habitat for Humanity Victoria  Saturday November 19 – Monday January 2, 2017 9am – 9pm. The event brings together professional and amateur bakers from across Canada and highlights their creativity, while supporting the work of Habitat for Humanity Victoria.

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Last year over $44,120.47 was raised for Habitat for Humanity Victoria and garnered media attention for our gingerbread makers.

This year’s theme is…AROUND THE WORLD

We ask that you embrace the concept of “Around the World” and get creative! Gingerbread creations are to be imagined and worked to interpret this theme freely. Maybe you’ll find your inspiration in travel, unique traditions, adventures or friendships. Embrace the world’s culture or tell us about your heritage. Both the interpretation of the theme and how clearly it is expressed will contribute towards the points awarded by the judges.

Participant Categories

Professional = Someone who is formally trained OR has worked in a professional/ commercial culinary environment. If you have sold your baking or culinary creations in a professional capacity - you're a pro

Home Chef (Amateur) = Someone who does not work in a professional/commercial kitchen and has not been formally trained or paid for their baking creations.
*Home Chefs who are awarded 1st place three times will graduate to the Professional category - your work is outstanding and you deserve to be recognized as a Pro!

Canada's National Gingerbread Showcase 2015

The sixth annual Canada’s National Gingerbread Showcase raised $44,000, a record-breaking amount for the third consecutive year, bringing the seven-year total to $128,292.

More than 9,800 votes were cast during the showcase with, “The Rainbow Connection,” by Anne-Marie Fortin (There Will Be Cake) for the Victoria Residential Builders Association winning the 2015 People’s Choice Award. This was a back-to-back win for Fortin, who also received the judge’s pick for the professional category and the Kick-Off Kudo's award at the Showcase launch in November 2015.

2015 Showcase Winners

The Rainbow Connection - 1st Prize Professional - Victoria Residential Builders Association - Ann-Marie Fortin (There Will Be Cake)

Victoria Residential Builders Association & Ann-Marie Fortin also won 1st Place Professional in 2014

Families are filled with real “characters” and you don’t have to be related to be part of a family like the Muppets.

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  • Our Tourism Family

Our Tourism Family - 2nd Place Professional

Inn at Laurel Point - Kimberley Vy, Pastry Chef

As a newcomer to Victoria, I thought it was key to highlight the hospitality industry, its synergy of teams and how it represented the city as one big family. We wanted to create something that was playful, whimsical and inspires critical thought and interpretation.

The Griswold Family - 3rd Place Professional - Lone Tree Bakery - Terry

The Griswold Family says Christmas to me. So I created their house, complete with cousin Eddie’s RV, cause every family has a “Cousin Eddie”.

  • Griswold Family Christmas
  • Minons in Need 2

Minions in Need - 1st Place Amateur - Sarah Jones Lescene - Love One Hair Studio

Sarah also won 1st Place Amateur in 2011

Redeemed people can give great value to others in need. Adoptive kids, or foster kids sometimes need a little extra support from someone who knows how it feels to be alone or that they don’t belong. The Grinch was a perfect ex villain! He can help reform the Minions.

West Coast Long House - 2nd Place Amateur - Spectrum Community School - Culinary Arts Program

We are most proud how hard we all worked together!

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  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? - 3rd Place Amateur - Jennifer Dumont

In 2014 & 2013 Jennifer won 1st Place

The bond Elsa & Anna share. I have 2 sisters and growing up with them was not exactly what you would call a Disney movie (It involved more fighting, hair pulling, teasing typical sister stuff) but we did manage to create a very strong bond & when you say the word "family" they are the first thing I think of.

  • Christmas Camping

Christmas Camping - Jesika Parker - Amateur

  • Family Tree

Family Tree - Laura Sleath - Amateur

  • Frozen Catalano

Frozen Catalano - Catalano Restaurant & Magnolia Hotel - Aaron Lawrence - Professional

  • Berenstain Bears

Berenstain Bears - Danette & Alex Smith - Amateur

  • Christmas Dream

Christmas Dream - Michelle Thut & Brittany Vince - Amateur

  • Family Vacation

"Squirrel" a Typical Griswold Family Christmas - Terra Steacy - Amateur

  • All inclusive 2

All Inclusive Family Vacation - St. Christopher's Montessori School - Amateur

  • Wren

Wren's Den - Chateau Victoria - Jay Holder & Mike Dunlop - Professional

  • Paleo Family

Paleo Family - Amanda Cooke & April Nowell - Amateur

  • Helical family

Helical Family Tree- Seraphia Pereira - Amateur

  • All my relations

All My Relations - Aurora Skala & Megan Farquhar - Amateur

  • Family Photo Album

Family Photo Memories - Jennifer Bibb - Amateur

  • 1569 Willow

1569 Willow Street, Home at Last - Victoria Premier Network Group
of Realtors - Allison Shelrud & Shannon Hedges - Crust Bakery -

  • 018

Our Gingerbread Place - Emilie Selton & Erica Tiedemann - Professional

  • 09

Gingerbread Frolic - Lloyd & Linda Gilmore - Amateur

  • tintin

Tintin's Family Visits the Lighthouse - Coastal & Ocean Resources - Amateur

  • Family Traditions

Family Traditions - Helijet - Tanya Martin - Amateur

  • Fairy Tale Families

Fairy Tale Families - Barb & Ken Marquardt- Sweet Delights - Amateur

A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors...

You don't put together an event like this with out a ton of help from our community and these fine folks have stepped up above and beyond. Please help us to support them for the investment that they make everyday into our community.

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