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Victoria Hotel Corporate Social Responsibility

Inn at Laurel Point is Victoria’s Ecofriendly Hotel

Our Founders, Artie and Paul Arsens, put their heart and soul into Inn at Laurel Point. Their legacy lives on through the Trust they created and the dedicated staff they inspired to manage the future of the Inn.

Inn at Laurel Point is a Social Enterprise

INN AT LAUREL POINT is a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE owned by a local trust. As a social enterprise, we are driven by our social mission to maintain a great hotel that benefits the local community.

Hotel profits are invested in the following order:

  • 1st into THE HOTEL


Corporate Social Responsibility

We invest in our Hotel.

Operations: Energy and water conservation upgrades, luxurious interiors, continued improvements.

Japanese gardens, ponds and rooftop gardening.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We invest in our People.

Education: Skill building and training to advance careers and grow our team.

Health & Wellness: Investing in wellness programs such as sports team, cycling and walking challenges, bicycle parking.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We invest in our Community.

Courage Rate: Reduced accommodation rates for cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Vancouver Island Centre

Charity Events: Since 2009, we have raised $57,170 for United Way & $128,292 for Habitat for Humanity Victoria

BC’s First Carbon Neutral Hotel

Corporate Social Responsibility
Net Zero Air Conditioning

Instead of electricity, we use HYDROTHERMAL TECHOLOGY to cool our rooms with ocean water

Corporate Social Responsibility

Improved Energy & Water Efficiency

We have installed LED lights and Low-flow fixtures. Already we have seen an 8% reduction in energy use per room night

Corporate Social Responsibility

Earth Day Power Hour

In 2016, we spearheaded the city wide declaration of
1-hour beach clean-up on Earth Day. Last year, teams around the city collected
65,853 pieces of trash- most were cigarette butts

Corporate Social Responsibility

7 Stream Recycling Program

We keep 71% of our waste out of the land fill (compared to 40% at many other hotels!)
Since 2014, we have cut our landfill waste by half.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our unused bath products are donated to Disaster Aid Canada.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sheets for Bandages

Worn sheets are turned into bandages to provide first aid in developing nations

AURA waterfront restaurant + patio

Corporate Social Responsibility

The closer, the fresher, the better.

Our restaurant is certified to the highest level by the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification Program. We have implemented 34 initiatives to reduce our environmental impact including: measuring and offsetting our carbon footprint, selecting over 20% of our products locally. We are committed to sourcing sustainable, local, seasonal ingredients and integrating them into our menus.

Victoria’s Award Winning Sustainable Hotel

Corporate Social Responsibility