Inn at Laurel Point - Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 1Z8, Canada

Gift Certificates

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Thinking about a great Gift for someone special – consider one of our Gift Certificates.

We have three ways for you to receive your gift certificate. Let us know which one will work for you…

  • Snail mail – we’re happy to pay
  • Courier – you’re happy to pay
  • Pick up at the Front Desk – no charge!
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People ask us all the time what the best way to give a gift certificate is... "Do I buy for one night in one of your hotel rooms and if so at what rate?"  

Our recommendation is that you give them a denomination amount.  For instance ...if you give them a $200 gift card, (so lucky), then they can use the gift card how they chose inside of the hotel.  Because these cards are like cash, unused amounts remain a credit on their card.  So with that $200 gift card - it is likely to cover one night with parking in the summer but in the winter it could very well cover 2 nights.

Gift Cards are available in increments of $25.

Give us a shout if you have any additonal questions - happy to chat live any time!



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