The Inn


Visit our hotel’s onsite art gallery, open 24 hours a day.

  • Shogun
  • Killer Whale and Salmon

Actually, our most spectacular art gallery exists outdoors. Because every one of the views from the hotel is a masterpiece in itself. But indoors, we’ve created an impressive gallery throughout the hotel. Inn at Laurel Point features an impressive art gallery throughout this Victoria, BC hotel which includes original pieces of Native and Asian art fill our walls, hallways and display cases.

Through decades of international travel, the hotel owners accumulated these eclectic and symbolic treasures. Each piece literally transports you to another world. Stop and gaze… into the eyes of a seal, an African woman, a Japanese emperor or a Buddhist monk. You’ll find geisha figurines, a Thai mask, a totem pole and Samurai sculpture (just to name a few).

The collection makes your stay so much more than a hotel visit… it’s positively an interactive artistic experience. And one you can create any time of day or night.