Inn at Laurel Point - Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 1Z8, Canada

Key to the City Program, Victoria, BC

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Your room key will open far more than your room this summer.   It will open up deals & promotions at some of our  favorite spots in the city.  And of course they're all local and privately owned just like us!

Allow us to introduce you to some of our friends..

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Ocean River Sports

In the mood for a paddle?  Wanna check out Victoria, BC from the water? This locally owned, complete paddle sport center, offers everything you can imagine and is located right in the heart of downtown. 

Show your room key and receive 10% off any of their adventure tours. 

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The Pedaler

Discover Victoria the Eco-Friendly way. Their guided bicycle tours showcase the local food & beverage scene, the regional Galloping Goose and Lochside trails, favourite scenic vistas, and the distinctive neighbourhoods that make cycling in Victoria so enjoyable.

Show your room key here and get 10% off any tours as well as a free bike rental on the same day you take the tour!

  • one yoga

One Yoga

One Yoga focuses on vinyasa (flow) yoga and believes that through steady practice all people regardless of age or gender can experience the oneness that is yoga.

Show your room key for a $15 drop in session & recieve a free mat rental.

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Robert Bateman Centre

Reconnecting visitors with nature one painting at a time. Their collection is over 100 works and is the largest ever assembled for public viewing.

Show your room key here and recieve 20% off admission

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Eagle Wing Whale Watching

With these guys you are embarking on the opportunity to bear witness to one of nature's most majestic & awe inspiring creatures, orcas (Killer whales), in one of the most impressive settings on earth.

Show your room key at their super funky store front and get 10% off.

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Butterfly Gardens

This is  your only opportunity to experience the beauty of a tropical jungle without actually going.   Stroll through this indoor tropical wonderland, where you'll be dazzled not only with butterfiles but all kinds of tropical wildflife.

Show your room key here and get a whopping 25% off the cost of admission!

  • Silk Road with Key 3

Silk Road Teas

SILK ROAD imports & blends the world's finest organic teas. They love sharing their passion for tea & tea culture. Find bliss at their award winning tea-inspired spa. Enjoy their locally made organic skin, body & haircare too!

Show your room key here and get 20% off + a free 16oz iced tea #yum!

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La Cocina de Mama Oli

Traditional Mexican food is finally here! Home made corn tortillas, fresh salsa etc- need we say more!

Show your room key here and a 15% discount + a Canadian pop with every order.

  • vpm sutra


Vij's Sutra brings the unique flavours from the Vij's kitchen to Victoria, BC.
And showing that there is no such thing as typical Indian curry.

Show your room key here and and recieve  a house made soda when you purchase a hot take out or sit in meal.


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