Thetis Lake Victoria BC
Thetis Lake Victoria BC

Thetis Lake

A 20-minute drive from Inn at Laurel Point, this is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.  A scenic 5km trail around the lake is a great way to start your morning.  The trail is easy to walk and has lots of great spots to take a break and enjoy the views.  We suggest getting there early as it can be a very busy spot, especially on the weekends.

Insider Tip: Pack your swimwear and favourite inflatable critter, Thetis Lake is one of Victoria’s Top 5 Beaches


Elk Lake

Located a 20-minute drive north of the hotel, this is a great way to spend a couple of hours.  An easy to walk, wide, flat trail that surrounds the lake is 10km and is popular with runners.  With plenty of great picnic and playground areas, this is an ideal location to bring the family and enjoy an afternoon.


Elk Lake Victoria BC
Swan Lake Victoria BC

Swan Lake & Christmas Hill

Swan Lake & Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a 15-minute drive from the Inn.  This is an easy walk around the lake and you can then opt to add the loop through Christmas Hill.  There is a Nature House located at Swan Lake and this is the main parking area as well.  Note that as this is a protected bird sanctuary, dogs are not permitted.


Mount Douglas

Looking for something a little more challenging?  Check out Mount Douglas (Mount Doug if you’re a local), a 25-minute drive from Inn at Laurel Point, this 4km hike to the summit offers some awesome views of the city. There are several access points & trails to explore.


Mount Doug Victoria BC
large trees in Goldstream Provincial Park

Goldstream Provincial Park

With many trail options, everything from an easy 3km walk on the Upper Goldstream Falls trail to Mount Finlayson for the more adventurous, this park has something for everyone.  They also have a Nature Centre and large picnic areas, so bring a lunch and hang out a while!  No matter which trail you choose, a trip to Goldstream Provincial Park just isn’t complete without a stop at Ice Cream Mountain, located just outside the park right on the highway.


Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

This park is located about a half hour drive from the Inn and does have some great trails for every skill level.  However, if you are looking for a challenge, we suggest taking the Jocelyn Hill via the McKenzie Bright trail, a 14km hike, this is worth the time when you get to the top and see the views!


Gowlland Tod Victoria BC

These are only a few of our favourites!  Looking to explore more great trails in Victoria, check out this website which has lots of great information and suggestions on places to hike on your next trip to the Island.

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