Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

Our history is important to us; it gives us our stories & traditions.  In short, history makes us who we are.

In the era of all-consuming hotel conglomerates, we count ourselves lucky to be one of Victoria’s few locally owned & managed hotels. It is thanks to the vision of our late owners Paul and Artie Arsens and the efforts they went to that we remain a unique and independent (hotel) with an eye to the future. Paul and Artie had great plans for the Inn and were always looking forward. Today, we are proud to honour that legacy with the announcement of our Lobby Renewal Project, a long-time dream of Paul and Artie.

After completing the addition of the Erickson Wing in 1989, Paul and Artie longed to transform the rest of the hotel to match the wings’ elegance. We are so excited that day is finally here. Commissioned for the renewal is John Graham of Graham Sherwin Studio. For John, it is a coming home project of sorts, as he worked as the junior architect alongside renowned architect Arthur Erickson on the hotel’s stunning Erickson Wing project. At the time, Paul drew a line beside the original elevator bank and told the architects “that is as far as you go”. John yearned to work on the lobby and now, nearly 30 years later, he will finally be able to complete his vision.

For our breathtaking Erickson Wing, both architects (teacher and apprentice) were inspired by the sheer beauty of the Inn’s spectacular location, overlooking both of Victoria’s inner and outer harbours. Today, as the lead architect, John is even more invested in the beautification of the Inn. He has used his own long-time vision for the Inn and curated a style that is modern and warm, relaxed and serene. (Read our interview with John)

While guests can expect to be welcomed with the same fantastic service they value from the Inn, they will now be greeted by a gorgeous glass canopy and sweeping views of the harbour. Upon entering the hotel, guests will feel as if they are standing on the prow of a ship, overlooking the Victoria Inner Harbour, one of the most picturesque harbours in the world.

We can’t wait to show you Paul and Artie’s vision-turned-reality and share our historical transformation with you.

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