We love Chef Ito, he’s great! He’s also great at keeping secrets… almost too great. He keeps his recipes a secret, and every now & then, being the nice guy that he is (& with a handful of badgering and pestering from yours truly) he will share a recipe without omitting an ingredient or a critical step in the method. Chef has shared a deliciously colourful, easy to prepare dish that you’ll for sure want to dazzle your guests with.

Chef Ito originally shared his Barbecue Duck and Green Onion Crêpe easy entertaining recipe with Yam Magazine in an article about food presentation and plating (read all about it) – cause it’s a stunner and better yet, a cinch to prepare. He even suggests a work plan, so you can get a head start a week in advance and assemble the day before your gathering.

Chef Takashi Ito’s Barbecue Duck and Green Onion Crêpe Wedge
1 whole barbecue duck, deboned, rough chopped (Purchase from a Chinese butcher in Chinatown and ask the butcher to debone the bird for you. Try Victoria’s Loy Sing. Be sure to ask for extra barbecue sauce.)
100g shiitake mushroom, rough sliced — fresh, if possible
4 tbsp of extra barbecue sauce from butcher
3 bunches green onion, white part, fine chopped
3 bunches green onion, green part
140 ml all-purpose flour
1 egg
250 ml water

One week before: Blend the green part of the onion and 50 ml of water in blender. Beat egg in stainless steel bowl and add green onion water and rest of water. To make crêpe batter, add flour slowly while you whisk. Season with salt to taste.

Cook crêpes in a nonstick pan with a little oil, making them as thin as possible — approximately 10 inches in diameter. Cool to room temperature. Using parchment paper to stack crêpes, wrap with film, and freeze.

The day before: Sweat the shiitake mushrooms with canola oil; remove from heat, and cool to room temperature. Place duck and shiitake in a food processor with a metal blade. Process until it forms a course paste; add white part of the green onion and extra barbecue sauce. Season with salt and black pepper.

Spread duck paste on crêpe, and repeat, making layers like lasagna, ensuring every layer is evenly spread.

Place cellophane on top, and place plate upside down on stack to press lightly. Store in fridge overnight. When ready to serve, slice into wedges.


Executive Chef Takashi Ito c.c.c

Louise Higgins


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