Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

This summer, we’re offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the sanctuary of luxury oceanfront accommodation by night and explore ancient Egypt by day at the Royal BC Museum with the launch of our Time of Pharaohs package.

This package will have you feeling like a Pharaoh with waterside accommodation, adult admission for two to the Royal BC Museum to view the acclaimed, “Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs,” exhibit, an Egyptian made keepsake pyramid and journal, as well as complimentary parking. Rates start at $366 Cdn per night, based on double occupancy.


Five reasons to choose the Time of Pharaohs package:

  1. Who doesn’t want to be treated like royalty? Enjoy unmatched views of the Inner Harbour; you can even wave to your subjects below.
  2. We’re close. Less than four great pyramid lengths away in fact (about 800 m from our door to the Royal BC Museum).
  3. Everything is glittered with gold – our keepsake paperweight gold pyramid is made in Egypt.
  4. Fit for the family – the package includes tickets for two adults, but we’re happy to add on as many tickets as you and your family need!
  5. Get it while it lasts. This package is only available until the end of summer, slightly less time than the 4,500 year-old artifacts on display.

Royal BC Museum visitors will be among the first in North America to view more than 300 original and priceless Egyptian artifacts, like the bust of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut and the box coffin of Nakht. The exhibit will immerse guests in a time when pyramids dotted the skyline and people believed gods walked among us. The exhibit features artifacts dating back 4,500 years, and covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian life, from the emergence of ancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile, to the Ptolemaic and Roman eras.

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