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Whether you embrace the dark side or the light side of Halloween, Inn at Laurel Point has designed the perfect atmosphere for you. This October, guests will have the choice to either clasp the black wing of gloom, or guzzle the sweet nectar of candies.
Halloween Laurel Point
Are you a disciple of darkness, an admirer of the shadows, a horror enthusiast? This suite is for the brave, the fearless; the Birds Suit Package. A night amongst the ominous ravens, this Hitchcock inspired package includes a dark surprise from pastry chef Kimberly Vy, and blood-red Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon. To perpetuate the thrill, you will also receive two tickets to Victoria’s own Horror Escape.

This suite is for the vibrant souls, the lighthearted, the jolly spirits; the Treat Suite Package. A sweeping sweet world, with candy everywhere you look. It is as if Oompa Loompas personally fashioned this suite for an intense sugar rush. Wash down the delightful sweetness with a bottle of Voo Doo Doughnut Beer and impatiently anticipate a confectionery surprise from pastry Chef Kimberly Vy. And if the sweetness ever gets overwhelming, and a hankering for fright surfaces, use your two complimentary tickets to Victoria’s own Horror Escape.Halloween Laurel Point Halloween Laurel Point The two packages are available from Oct. 20 to 31, 2016 for the “trickers” and the “treaters”. Furthermore, guests who choose trick when they check-in from October 28 to 31 can go “bobbing” to receive a complimentary upgrade or one night of free parking.

Inn at Kayrek Point Halloween

For more information, visit www.laurelpoint.com or call 1-800-663-7667.

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