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We’ve all been there. It’s 11:00pm the night before you leave for a trip, and you are staring at your empty suitcase. You rush the process, are bound to forget something important, and bring twice as much than you actually need. To save you time, stress, and maybe even a few grey hairs, our Sales Managers, who travel quite a bit, share their packing and travel tips & we’ve even thrown in a video from Heathrow Airport for fun!


  • Packing a suitcase: I am famous for over packing. I like to have options. I try to pack stuff that doesn’t need to be ironed.
  • Packing carry-on: pack snacks for the plane, you never know when you are going to be delayed.
  • Something she always packs & would never be without: ear phones and a book
  • Something she always does before a trip: check-in for the flight the day before and drink tons of water.
  • Airport tip: arrive early, better to have a coffee at the gate than rush
  • Ferry tip: make a reservation


  • Packing a suitcase: I try to pack light, however when it’s a longer trip, I find that rolling clothes does take up much less space and less wrinkles.
  • Packing for kids: make sure there are a few travel games, coloring books and snacks
  • Packing carry-on: electronics chargers in the carry on- in case of any flight delays, always a pen, and any valuables of course.  My biggest carry on tip..if you can check it…check it – less is more.
  • Something she always packs and would never be without: pashmina /scarf (it can double as a blanket), small bottle of hand lotion, hand wipes and a good book
  • Airport tips: arrive early, I always prefer the early morning flights anyways as they get me to the destination nice and early, and checking in early often avoids long lines at security as well. Better to be early than to be rushing last minute. Always try to wear slip on shoes and lighter clothing (you’ll be removing it all at every security point)
  • Ferry tips: if traveling on business, I love the Sea West Lounges on BC Ferries– so nice and quiet and for the entrance fee, you also get snacks and the use of magazines/newspapers. For the Ferries to the US, arrive nice and early and make sure to get a good seat. (If traveling on the Victoria Clipper, try to use only carry on as you can then disembark first)


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