Have you ever heard the expression “I love to travel, but I hate travelling”? As a former bellman working in hotels in Hawaii and Victoria, B.C. I have found that most guests share this sentiment. People will accept the challenges that come with the process of travelling, in order to enjoy the experiences of their travels.

The challenges we all encounter while travelling to our destination can sometimes dampen the entire experience. Once we check our luggage at the airport and proceed through security, we surrender control and let the “travel gods” take over. Delayed flights, a battle with the annoying neighbor for the arm rest, lost or delayed luggage, flagging down a taxi that smells like an old pair of gym socks; these unpleasant travelling scenarios can happen to any of us, even the most seasoned travelers. By the time a guest arrives at their hotel, there is a good possibility they have had to deal with one or all of these unpleasant and unexpected situations. As awful as they sound, herein lies the ultimate opportunity!

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so perfecting the guest arrival experience is a must!

The arrival experience provides guests with a first impression of the hotel. You never get a second chance at a first impression, so it is important to make the guest’s arrival as pleasant as possible. Inn at Laurel Point is an independent, locally owned and operated hotel and this is reflected in the way our staff treats guests. When you stay or visit the Inn, you’re family. When guests arrive to our hotel, we put the control back in their hands.  We don’t force feed service that guests might not want, but are ready and willing to make everyone feel welcome and well looked after. We take the time to listen to our guests and anticipate what they might need. Our goal is to make people forget the “chair kicker” who sat behind them on the flight, assure them that they are in good hands and let them relax and enjoy our waterfront hotel.

Terrence Slattery


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