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At Inn at Laurel Point, we’re here to help. Our team of outrageously-talented meeting planners has done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve compiled a simple cheat sheet for ways to make your dollar stretch and keep your team energized!


6 insider tips to save you money when booking a meeting:

Be flexible. We’re not necessarily saying you have to be a yoga expert but can you start on a different day (i.e. Sunday vs. Wednesday)? Can you look a week earlier or later? Do you fit in perfectly between two existing programs? Can you adjust your meeting room set-up? A ‘yes’ to any of these questions could help reduce your costs.

Stay out of the kitchen. Give us your budget and we will work with our culinary team to fit those guidelines. You may also have the chance to piggy back on other events that are happening at the hotel. For example, if another group is having a three course dinner, order the same three courses and there may be savings to be had 🙂 Also order local and seasonal ingredients (i.e. don’t fly East Coast lobster into Victoria, BC) to wow your guests.

Don’t touch that dial! Find out what AV equipment the group before you had, and see if you can keep it on site for your meeting to save on labour and set-up.

Imagine the space by seeing the space. Don’t underestimate the importance of a site visit. It will help you see the potential and build a better relationship with your event or sales manager, so they go to bat for you. Hugs all around.

Make the most of what the property does best. Their meeting space or culinary offerings are likely unique and different from the hotel down the road. Do your best to find out what sets them apart.

Let’s get digital. Reduce your printing costs, reduce the waste, and take the leap into a digital-only meeting. We’ve got the latest technology to zoom you into the 21st Century. #youwintheplanetwins – we have a blog post all about this

We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves, so don’t hesitate to connect with our team. Remember, we’re always here to help!

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