Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

Guests ask us all the time about our Japanese Garden, so we headed right to our expert Katie (our very own gardener) to get answer to a few common questions.

What’s in bloom in the garden in March & April? – Bergenia (Elephant Ears), Rhododendrons & Azaleas, Cherry trees, Pieris (Lily-of-the-Valley shrub), Hellebores and Camellias.

What is the most unique plant in the garden, why and where is it located?- That’s a tough one but I would say it’s the weeping, burgundy Japanese Maple that is near the waterfall and Artie’s House in the Japanese Garden. It’s probably about 20 years old and has a great fall colour – once the leaves have fallen you can then see the beautiful structure of the branches and appreciate its overall weeping habit.

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Is it true that the garden is entirely hand tended, no power tools used?- Yes, we don’t use power tools – all of the pruning and weeding is done by hand. I think it’s better/healthier for the plants when being pruned and who wants to listen to a hedge-trimmer anyways? 🙂

How long have you been working in the garden? – I’ve been working in the garden since February of 2009.

How does our proximity to the Harbour impact the garden? – I think hotel guests, visitors and locals love the fact that they can walk by and enjoy a nice garden even though you’re right downtown. There is a lot of wildlife all year round, and I think people love the feeling of being in nature even though all of your daily necessities are nearby. It’s the best of both worlds!

What is your favourite area of the garden? – There is a garden bench near Artie’s House on the edge of the pond in the Japanese Garden – it’s a great shady spot to relax on in the summer, and has a perfect view of the water. A tall Japanese Maple and Cherry tree provide the perfect canopy for that area.

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