Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

I thought I’d share the top 3 wedding questions that we’ve been asked lately…

Question 1: Can we get a group rate for our wedding guests?

Well of course you can! We want your friends and family to stay with us, and even take over the hotel. It is so great to see wedding guests catching up over drinks in AURA or meeting up on the days before the wedding to go whale watching. We become your own private resort.

Question 2: Does Inn at Laurel Point provide decorations?

Oh Darlings! Although our space needs little decor, you wouldn’t want decorations that we might have lurking about. Professional decorators stock all the latest trends, and your fabulous Event Manager can certainly suggest a great decorator. You wouldn’t believe what we’ve found from weddings past!

Question 3: Can the hotel arrange for a marriage commissioner?

We don’t just stop at marriage commissioners, our Event Managers can do it all or just a little – whichever you’d prefer! We can help you narrow down a photographer, or provide you with a list of wedding partners that you can sort through. Plus – Event Mangers are great listeners and have been known to provide wise council when faced with unforeseen drama (monsters in law and slacker bridesmaids included).

Keep your questions coming…


Louise Higgins

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