Wedding couple kissing

Here are our top wedding trends for 2018 and 2019 weddings:


Making an entrance
We’re finding more and more couples are choosing live music for their ceremonies. We’re also noticing that it’s time for grooms to shine as many want to make an entrance as part of the ceremony (recently we heard the Star Wars Theme, it was epic). No one is planning to upstage a bride, but there’s space for everyone to make a lasting impression on the runway aisle.

Just the right amount of colour
Just like home décor, colours change from season to season. Right now, we see that pale colours, blush, white, and pops of gold are the favourite for wedding parties.


Dressing to the nines
Long dresses are definitely what everyone is wearing. We’re also seeing a lot of the same colour, but different style of dress for bridesmaids. Another fun twist is the bridesmaids all in one shade and the maid of honour is either a few shades lighter or darker than the gals.



Sizing up
We’re seeing a lot of larger wedding parties, with the majority being more than four people standing up per side for the lovely couple. What’s more fun than a dedicated group of besties? 

The kids are all right
We’re seeing lots of little flower girls and ring bearers, related in some way to the couple. Of course, this is all based on the wedding party, but we’re never opposed to showing Little Mr. or Little Miss the way down the aisle.

Fitting in Rover
Right now, more than half of our wedding couples are planning to include their dogs in the ceremony. We’re still holding out hope for a chinchilla or bunny.

We love cake!
Big cakes are back. Small cutting cakes aren’t happening this year. Most of our couples are looking at multilevel cakes – think three or more tiers. While they might be bigger than in year’s past, there is no consistent style. Everyone seems to have their own vision for cakes and love working with our in-house Pastry Chef to design their perfect slice!


Smile for the fans
Most of our couples are not doing first look photos and choosing only to see each other when the bride walks down the aisle. Candid, romantic, fun, and relaxed are the message of the day for all of our photographer partners. Besides the wedding couple, party, and guests, we’re fond of the views we offer from our waterfront property as well. Nothing beats the best backdrop in the city!


So, what’s definitely out?

  1. Signature cocktails (just give us the long-time favourites)
  2. Shoulder pads (because it’s not the 1980s, or even the mid-2000s)
  3. Assigned ceremony seating (there’s no ‘side’ of the aisle, but please don’t be late to your seat – the groom is making an entrance now!)

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