Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

Oh, the nostalgia of knocking on the neighbour’s door and asking if “so-and-so can come ride bikes”. There was no plan. No destination. Just adventure & amazement on the horizon.

Well, we’re throwing it back to those carefree days and inviting our guests who are searching for fun, to enjoy our new bike rental program.

We’ve made it quick & easy to get on two wheels. Sign up online to reserve one of our bikes, and simply head to the front desk to grab a complimentary helmet – safety first – bike lock and you’re on your way! Not into planning too far ahead? We hear you. Bikes are based on a first-come, first-served system, but if there is one free you can bet your name will be on it!

Borrow them for one, three or up to eight hours, but be sure you have time to soak your quads before dinner!

The added bonus of bike rentals at Inn at Laurel Point means super straightforward access to some of the best cycling routes in Victoria. Head left from our main driveway and you’re on your way to the gorgeous Inner Harbour. Head right and you’re at the beginning of a multi-kilometre journey along the oceanfront drive of Dallas Road. Head straight and you’ll run into a hedge; keep your head up!

So, wanna ride bikes? Or, should you ask your parents first?

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