Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

That’s right, it’s guaranteed that when you call to make a room booking we’ll ask you “What brings you to Victoria” or “Are you traveling on business or pleasure?” These questions often get mistaken for being nosy, as our reservations agent poke around to determine whether they can squeeze more out of you. Maybe they’ll whip out our rarely used pitch for the penthouse suite; or better yet, oversell you on that outrageous package with inclusions you’ll never use.

Here are the real reasons a good reservations agent will lead with qualifying questions.

  • To be sure we match the best possible room type. In our hotel we have over 17 different types of room configurations, and we want to make sure you get the one that will best suite your needs. Let’s face it, if you’re traveling on business, in meetings all day, and working at night, a full harbour view may not be a feature that is important to you. Likewise, if you’re celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary you might want to consider a deliciously decadent room with an uber-lux bathroom, and a stunning view of the inner harbour.
  • To save you time. If you are traveling with a gift certificate we’ll make good use of your time and get right to your dates and availability. We’ll find out if you’re attending a conference and get right to your room rates and room types.

So the next time you give us a shout to book your getaway, test our in house reservations agents out. Let’s see if they can match the perfect room type for your leisure trip to Victoria BC to celebrate the birth of the baby goats at Beacon Hill Park.


Avril Matthews

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