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“Congratulations on your engagement! When’s the wedding?!”

I’ve noticed that no sooner have couples announced their exciting engagement news, they are hit with the question ”So, have you set a date?” and immediately they feel like an engagement failure. I’m not sure if it is thanks to Hollywood or popular belief, but we at Inn at Laurel Point often meet newly engaged couples who are under the impression that they are already behind in the planning cause they haven’t set a date. We’re here to tell you brides to keep flaunting your newest piece of jewellery, share your happy news, and fret not – you’re not lagging.

So, what do you do once you get engaged?

Well, while basking in the euphoria of engaged bliss, you should probably set a date. I know, I know, I just said fret not! But let’s face it, the “When’s the wedding?” question will keep popping up like a bad game of “whack-a-mole” until you set a date.

To set a date, or at least determine a time of year, you just need to clear out all the clutter. Think about what is important to you…

Who: Who makes the guest list (to determine the # of people and ultimately the venue size), when can the VIPs of your guest list attend? Who do you want to perform the ceremony or take your pictures (if you already have these people in mind, are they available?)

Where: Inside, outside, at a ski lodge, in Mexico or a breathtaking hotel ballroom?

What: There can be a lot of blanks to fill-in between the ceremony and the last dance. Talking out the day with your betrothed will help gauge whether you are on the same track and have the same budget in mind.

When: Sum up what is important to you from the Who, Where & What’s and you’ll narrow down a date

Remember, people ask about your wedding date because they want to appear interested & excited for you both (though they may also be hinting for an invite…). Unless you are set on a specific date that cannot be changed, breathe easy. You have plenty of time to plan your wedding big or small.

In short, don’t let the question of “when” turn your wedding excitement into panic. A simple “We’re thinking 20_ _ but still have lots to think about” could buy you some time.

Though a word of advice – if you are going to see a bunch of family for a holiday or occasion, they are going to have a barrage of questions for you. It might be prudent to have a few answers to placate them.

Happy Planning!



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