Inn at Laurel Point - Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 1Z8, Canada


We like to play with our food.

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At AURA, Victoria’s newest premier restaurant on the waterfront, playing with the food is something we encourage. We make it fun, unique, even interactive. Like serving smoked salmon in a Martini glass. Or minestrone in a French coffee press.

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AURA waterfront restaurant + patio is located at the incredible Inn at Laurel Point hotel in Victoria, BC.

In fact, all kinds of rules are broken daily at this 66-seat restaurant, throwing protocol right out the floor-to-ceiling windows. Our guests talk with their mouths full as they rave over the latest gastronomical delight. Many of them stare openly… at the ocean vistas from the 58-seat patio. Some are stunned speechless over the artful presentation and obliging staff.

You’ll likely find your mouth agape too, over the rich flavours of meticulously prepared Japanese and classic French cuisine.  If you'd like to see for you self - click here to see our menus.

Add ingredients like an intimate lounge with stone under-lit bar, leather couches and lamp-lit tables, and splashes of warm earth tones everywhere, and we can safely say: the aura is pure perfection.

AURA's Private Dining Room


For gatherings

Our Private Dining Room with an expansive table to seat 12 creates the ideal setting for larger and more intimate gatherings. Wine, dine and play with your food in privacy.


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