Inn at Laurel Point - Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 1Z8, Canada

Banquet Menus

  • 5th Floor buffet

Food so good you'll find any excuse to have another meeting.

  • Executive Chef Ito

Meet Executive Chef Takashi Ito.  This man will dazzle you and your delegates with his banquet food.  Guaranteed no rubber chicken around here! These seasonal banquet menus are as fresh as it gets.

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What our clients say...

I travel quite a deal for business (management consultant), for my volunteer commitments and for personal reasons. I have stayed many hotels in various areas of Canada and in other countries and I have to say my time at the Laurel Point was the nicest accommodation experience I have had in a long time. Beginning with my arrival (early flight and directly into meetings that were in progress) where the person at the desk addressed me by name (still not sure how he did that), being addressed by name during the rest of my stay, the food services during our meetings, the great views and location, the personal touches that were in the room when I arrived, general friendliness of staff, straight through to very familiar and friendly service when I was checking out (felt like an old friend that was leaving). All told it was really a very pleasant experience.

My reason for writing is just to let you know of the impact of the large and small things you do at the Inn and the difference it makes. I certainly will look for an opportunity to return either for business or pleasure.


Tim Moorhouse

Chair, Canada FASD Research Network


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