Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

How do you organize a party for earth day? You Planet! After starting your day with a delicious brekkie at Aura Waterfront Restaurant + Patio, take a 1-minute walk over to The Pedaler where you’ll pick up your transportation for the day! Ride you bikes for 25-minutes over to Ocean River Sports where you can go on a kayak or SUP tour, and soak in all the beauty (or at least the beauty close to shore) of the Pacific Ocean. Sturdy those sea legs, but don’t leave the shoreline! With some gloves and bags, you can participate in your very own shoreline clean up. It might not seem like much, but imagine if we all did a small clean up on a regular basis? After a productive morning, chow down at Big Wheel Burger, where you can enjoy a delicious and carbon-neutral lunch. Next up, stop by the Compost Education Centre, which is just a quick 10-minute ride away. Then it’s time for some sustainable shopping! Hit up shops like the Zero Waste Emporium and Ecologyst. Finish your day off with dinner at Be Love and drinks at Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. Whew – you made it!

fruit plate & waffle breakfast Aura Restaurant
  • Start your day off with a fresh and locally sourced breakfast at Aura Waterfront Restaurant + Patio. You’ll feel good about the food in your stomach, and where it came from.
    • Point of Interest: After your meal take a stroll through our kitchen gardens and see if you can find some of the ingredients you just enjoyed!
4 peole with bikes looking from a grassy landing out to the ocean. Photo Credit: Destination Greater Victoria
  • Now that you’re all fueled up it’s time to head outside! After a short 3-minute walk to The Pedaler you’ll be able to pedal around all day with a bike rental. They’ve got city cruisers, e-bikes, tandems, kid’s bikes, trailers, and more!
  • Ride those bikes over to Ocean River Sports (about a 25-minute ride), where you can get on the water with a kayak or SUP tour! A beautiful, emissions-free way to view the nature around us.
    • Inn-sider Tip: Want to see the beauty of the water without getting noodle arms by the end? Hop on a boat with Eagle Wing Tours, Canada’s first third-party verified 100% carbon-neutral whale watching company!
Group of kayaks on the water from Ocean River Sports
  • Your time on the water may be up, but stick around for a little impromptu shoreline clean up! With some gloves and garbage bags, you can make a positive impact all on your own
  • We bet you’ve worked up an appetite with your active morning. Treat yourself with a delicious and carbon neutral lunch at Big Wheel Burger. With multiple locations around the island, we suggest 15-minute pedal to their location on Cook Street!
someone cleaning shoreline
hands holding worms in dirt. Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn
  • You’ve exercised your bodies, now it’s time to exercise your minds! A quick 10-minute bike ride will bring you to the Compost Education Centre. This centre has products, workshops, programs and all sorts of resources to help you learn about composting, food cultivation, soil building and other sustainable practices.
lower Johnson Street
  • Now it’s time for some sustainable shopping! Here’s a couple stores we recommend that have great items and great sustainability practices.
    • Zero Waste Emporium – Victoria’s first zero waste grocery store, don’t forget your reusable containers and bags!
    • Shop at Ecologyst – where you can experience a full circle process. Ecologyst designs, creates and sells their products right here in Victoria. Talk about keeping it local!
    • Inn-sider Tip: Check out the free bike valet service now available in Downtown Victoria!
  • With (reusable) shopping bags full of goods, and hearts full with the knowledge that you’ve supported the earth and community, you can head over to Be Love for dinner. With 95% of their ingredients being mindfully sourced, local, organic & plant-based, your plate is always made from scratch and with love ❤
Salad from Be Love. Photo Credit @matt.m.urquhart
  • Finish your day with drinks at Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. Not only are the beers refreshing, they keep sustainability top of mind in several ways. From their reFUSE Partnership to their recycled paper labels, their Spent Grain program to their award-winning CO2 Recapture Program, they’re doing a lot and we’ll drink to that!
phillips brewery with 2 drinks on the counter. Photo Credit: Off the Eaten Track

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