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Event Manager Amy Pecorelli was interviewed by Blue Nile for  their article about the wedding traditions from around the world

The significance of wedding traditions

Cultural wedding traditions are a powerful way for a couple to express their unique beliefs. This is why wedding traditions remain significant, and are still essential to lots of couples. Many traditions change over time and sometimes fade, and this is especially true for wedding traditions. However, many couples choose to honor wedding traditions from their culture to celebrate their uniqueness as a couple. Cultural traditions allow the couple to incorporate something that truly speaks to them as individuals, showing pride in their heritage and personal history.

Tradition Tips

  • Consider how you want your wedding to be special
  • Reflect on what traditions are important to each person individually and as a pair. Reflecting on this is bound to make your wedding day that extra bit special, as showcasing a tradition, moment, sentiment, or value speaks to who you are as individuals and who you are moving forward to be as a united couple.

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