Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

My phone chimes with a text message, and it’s my brother with a wedding question (for a friend):
“Cam wants to know how he tells people that he wants cash for their wedding- he doesn’t want a bunch of crap”
Flattered that baby bro thinks of me as “the well of knowledge” that I know I am, and acknowledging that he and his buddies are having some beers at the cottage & tact is not top of mind – the phrase “He wants cash for their wedding scorches my retinas and I pound back my response:
“First, even if Cam ‘just want cash’, he can’t ask for it. Here’s what he can do:
#1 DO NOT mention cash or the registry on the invitation!!! tacky, tacky, tacky
2) On Cam & Sara’s wedding website, mention how they are saving for a trip, new home
etc… it’s a subtle hint that a gift of cash would help them get these things

3) Tell close friends & family that they’d prefer cash, and they can spread the
message to other wedding guests.

Next, they should register and tell family & friends. Some people just want to buy
couples a gift.

Pick a store that is national like the Bay or Sears and register for a few items.
Cam can register at Sears for power tools or something.

Register for low, medium and high priced items because people want to spend money
on the couple.”

Yeah, I’m a little wordy when I get fired up…

Registering mitigates the risk of getting “a bunch of crap” but doesn’t eliminate it.
“Guests might still get Cam & Sara a gift they think they’ll use, and C&S might be
stuck with it… at least until you get married, then they can give it to you :)”

“Thanks good info, Cam thanks you too – need another beer… laters!”

I guess my work here is done 😉

Louise Higgins


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