Inn at Laurel Point Hotel Gardens

So much more can be accomplished when we meet face-to-face.

Our country was founded thanks to a series of three historic meetings in Quebec City, Charlottetown and London, England that culminated in the terms of Confederation. Like all conferences, the Charlottetown meetings were not all business. A variety of social events were peppered throughout the week and were considered to be as being as important as the formal discussions, allowing delegates to establish camaraderie and a common sense of purpose. Activities included the famous oyster and champagne lunch aboard the Canadians’ ship, luncheons at the homes of local delegates and officials, seaside excursions, and a grand ball at the legislative building.

Excited to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, we can’t help but wonder… had the conferences taken place today via Skype, and had the delegates missed out on the shipboard champagne and oysters, would we even be celebrating an anniversary at all?

We, here at the Inn, work with the best meeting planners & they see the value in connecting face-to-face. Planners know how to make the most of out the decision to hold a meeting at Inn at Laurel Point, whether it’s a tiny tête-à-tête or a major conference.

Why meet in Victoria


Location doesn’t just apply to the real estate market. Our location makes meeting planners sit up & take notice. We’re set on a peninsula that doubles as a park (hence Inn AT Laurel Point), surrounded by Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The views are incredible whether attendees are looking out from their hotel room, our Terrace Ballroom or AURA waterfront restaurant + patio.

Goldilocks Principle

We’re not too big, not too small, but just right. We are able to accommodate groups of up to 200 within our seven, flexible meeting spaces. And, to accommodate a range of meeting attendees, the Inn offers 200 rooms and suites in two wings. Oh, & each room has a view, would you like inner or outer harbour?

Carbon Neutral

We’re carbon-neutral. In fact, we were the first hotel in British Columbia to make this commitment – even before it was the cool thing to do. We’re going on eight years of being an everyday environmental Switzerland, in fact. What does that mean for you? A big ol’ check in that box for “is the property committed to sustainability?” You bet we are!

Zero Waste Meetings!

Not only can we promise you won’t waste your time meeting face-to-face, but all items used for food and beverage offerings (napkins, etc.) are compostable or recyclable. No waste! A full recycling program is in place and used for all meetings. Even our pens are eco-friendly!

Did we mention our food?

Bland rubber chicken & something that looks either like asparagus or beans? Not. On. Your. Life.

We serve mouth-watering, return conference-booking meals that leave meeting planners showered with praise by their delegates. Our Executive Chef Takashi Ito, is committed to making the food as inspiring as the view. AURA, our on-site restaurant, serves only 100% Ocean Wise Seafood. Check out our menu options!

Inn at Laurel Point has all of the elements that make up a great meeting and none of them can be experienced over Skype. We hope to see your smiling face soon!

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